Best Alternative Career Options for Engineers

See the most latest and the ultimate list of Best Alternative Career Options for Engineers.

Alternate Career Options For Engineers

  • Academia
  • Design/consulting for A Structural Engineering Or Civil Engineering Firm
  • Design/consulting for An Architecture Firm
  • Engineering Design for A Few Years, Then Move into Management Or Training
  • Engineering Design for A Few Years, Then Move into Software
  • Engineering-associated Vendors Or Non-profits
  • Fashion engineer
  • Food engineer
  • Preservation engineer
  • Pyrotechnic engineer
  • Skate park engineer
  • Sports engineer
  • Start A Side-hustle as A Freelancer…..and Then Turn Your Successful Freelance Gig into Your Own Full-time Business.
  • Technical Writer
  • Work for A Contractor (and No, I Don’t Mean A Freelancer, Although We’ll Get to that One Also.)
  • Work for An Institutional Or Manufacturing Client.
Best Alternative Career Options for Engineers
  • Academic Faculty
  • Budget coordinator
  • Construction manager
  • Content creator
  • Cost estimator
  • Engineering consultant
  • Graphic designer
  • Home renovations contractor
  • Landscape designer
  • Logistics manager
  • Manufacturing manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Occupational health and safety manager
  • Procurement and Purchase
  • Procurement engineer
  • Product tester
  • Professor
  • Project Management
  • Property manager
  • Purchasing agent
  • Real estate agent
  • Technical recruiter
  • Technical sales specialist
  • Technical writer
  • Technical Writing
  • Tradesperson.

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