Agriculture Jobs that start with J – (You should Read)

Agriculture is an important industry that provides jobs to many people across the globe. There are many agriculture jobs that start with J, such as a jockey, which entails riding horses for competitions and races.

A job that deals more with the marketing side of agriculture is a jobber, which focuses on the buying and selling of agricultural products.

A job that is more on the technical side is a jonquil analyst, which involves analyzing data to determine the best decisions for a farm.

Agriculture Jobs that start with J – (You should Read)
Jackfruit nursery manager

Other agriculture jobs that start with J include a janitor, a job that deals with the cleaning and maintenance of agricultural equipment, and a jobber, which focuses on the transportation of agricultural products.

All of these jobs are important in the agriculture industry, and they each provide important services that help to keep the industry running efficiently.

Agriculture Careers that start with J

1Junior Breeders
2Jersey Grown, standards
3Jersey Grown, application
4Jersey Grown
5Jersey Fresh, Quality Grading Program Application
6Jersey Fresh Items Order Form
7Jersey Fresh
8Jersey Bred
ag careers that start with j
  • Job coordinator (managing personnel and schedules in agricultural operations)
  • John Deere equipment technician (repairing and maintaining John Deere agricultural equipment)
  • Jujube farmer (cultivating and harvesting jujube fruits for commercial production)
  • Jatropha plantation manager (overseeing the cultivation and management of jatropha plantations for biofuel production)
  • Junior agronomist (assisting senior agronomists with crop management and research)
  • Jackfruit processor (processing jackfruit into various food products)
  • Jiggery maker (producing jiggery, a traditional sweetener made from sugarcane or date palm)
  • Jersey cow breeder (breeding and managing Jersey cows for milk production)
  • Jute researcher (conducting research on the cultivation, processing, and utilization of jute fiber)
  • Jumbo operator (operating jumbo machines for agricultural tasks such as planting, harvesting, or irrigation)
  • Jackrabbit exterminator (controlling jackrabbit populations to prevent crop damage)
  • Jackfruit harvester (harvesting jackfruit fruits from trees for commercial use)
  • Jackfruit nursery manager (managing the propagation and care of jackfruit seedlings in a nursery)
  • Jam maker (producing jams from agricultural products such as fruits or berries)
  • Job safety coordinator (ensuring compliance with safety regulations in agricultural workplaces)
  • Junior entomologist (assisting in the study and management of insects in agricultural settings)
  • Jackfruit product developer (creating new food or beverage products using jackfruit as a main ingredient)
  • Jowar farmer (cultivating and harvesting jowar, also known as sorghum, for food or feed purposes)
  • Jujube product marketer (promoting and marketing jujube products to consumers)
  • Jute product designer (creating innovative designs for jute-based products)
  • Juicer operator (operating machines for extracting juice from agricultural produce)
  • Job site foreman (overseeing agricultural operations at a specific job site or location)
  • Jerky producer (producing jerky, a type of dried meat snack, from agricultural products)
  • Japonica rice farmer (specializing in the cultivation of japonica rice varieties)
  • Jackfruit woodworker (crafting wood products from jackfruit wood, which is known for its durability and beauty)
  • Jojoba farmer (cultivating and harvesting jojoba seeds for oil production)
  • Jackfruit value-added product developer (creating value-added products from jackfruit, such as chips or jams)
  • Juniper berry picker (harvesting juniper berries for use in culinary or medicinal applications)
  • Job training coordinator (developing and implementing training programs for agricultural workers)
  • Jackfruit processing plant manager (overseeing operations in a processing plant that handles jackfruit for various products)

Please note that the availability and job titles of agriculture careers may vary depending on the region, country, and industry. It’s always recommended to conduct further research and consult with relevant organizations or professionals for accurate and up-to-date information

Junior Breeders

Junior Breeders are young people who help to make the world’s food supply more sustainable. Junior Breeders do this by growing vegetables.

Most of our food requires some kind of plant life to grow it. Vegetables are grown in fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Some vegetables are grown in soil, while others are grown in hydroponic systems.

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