Advisory Engineer Job Description: A Comprehensive Article

Do you know what is an Advisory Engineer? If not, this article will tell you the career of Advisory Engineer Job Description, duties, and requirements.

Advisory Engineer Job Description

Assist in the establishment, testing, and installation of electrical equipment on all forms of rotating machinery. Conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure that meters are calibrated properly and functioning properly.

Prepare billing statements for metering devices time cards indicating utilization rates with a pattern established by fixed meter measurements or hourly variance from actual usage if no fixed patterns exist the ability to read engineer’s logs which record daily operation hours etc.

What is an Advisory Engineer?

An Advisory Engineer is highly technical specialty personnel who provides analysis and design assistance to the Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial Engineering Department.

Their primary job function involves analyzing equipment data from other areas in order for our engineers to be able to inform the successful selection of units from an outstanding test records collection process performed by a unit testing technician.


Conduct surveys, evaluations, and interviews to identify mechanical assembly problems. Assist in the establishment of standard tests required for true performance evaluation conducted by Engineering Service or other designated technicians including inspections on work tools, protective packaging material serviceability reports which are collected when moving units between facilities using different standards.

Perform “load charts” research studies to determine typical loads expected during various types of operations consistent with industry hazards being dealt with in order have engineering design strategies.

Advisory Engineer Requirements

Engineering-related education beyond a High School Diploma or GED certificate. Experience as an Engineer, Technologist, Technician, and/or Consultant is preferred but not required if the ability to handle customer problem situations is demonstrated prior to any new assignment.

Ability with MS Office products including Excel spreadsheet applications – for data input into computerized systems used by Engineers utilized in solving actual problems encountered by customers – developing scenarios that define solutions – establishing formulas so engineers can utilize those formulas as their own.

Ability to work independently and with maximum cooperation of other related technical staff members, engineers, and community service representatives (CPS) as well as supervisors.



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