Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

Do you know what is an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer? If not, this article will tell you the career of Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Job Description, duties and requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Job Description

As an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer perform research and analysis, create test structures, manage timelines, define material use, define production rules, design equipment/tools to fabricate physical prototypes. Design CNC cutting machines and laser cutters according to specifications and production process.

Promote personnel training and provide feedback regarding acquired skills Evaluate tools, materials, equipment to improve work productivity Plan machines & tooling with specifications for rapid prototyping fabricating parts Product Quality Assurance: Inspect working parts created by CAD design Calculate part dimensions plan drawings Coordinate mechanical part inspection in manufacturing fabrication areas.

Prepare reports on problem solved Verify tight tolerances and accuracy of manufactured components Mentor new employees Define Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities Create the Advanced Manufacturing Information System (AMIS): a database of workstation functions, materials, equipment status and tools used.

Make manufacturing process improvement suggestions by exploring production problems Identify problematic factors in manufacturing operations Prepare test parts to confirm order quantities for continuous operation Build prototypes with CNC machine cutting power & laser cutting modules Product.

What is Advanced Manufacturing Engineer?

An Advanced Manufacturing Engineer performs research and analysis. He or she designs equipment and software to create physical prototypes of parts, machining tools and other fabrication equipment according to specifications and production process. The individual also designs CNC cutting machines; creation of more efficient ways in manufacturing by applying new technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD).

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer RESPONSIBILITIES

Perform research and analysis on existing equipment improvement Define new engineering functions for machine tool applications train workers to use the machines Prepare detailed documentation of new findings Assess material properties Identify production problems prioritize improvements report on changes in process information create final drawing specifications Create templates, templates & files Engineering Drawings: Write design calculations.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Requirements

Minimum Education: Bachelors degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial or similar engineering field Experience with Engineering CAD programs is required Strong attention to detail Strong communication skills.

Besides the above mentioned skill sets there are several designations that an Advanced Manufacturing Engineer can be classified into which include but not limited to Machinist ,mechanical Drawing Expert , CNC Machining .



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