Advanced Engineer Job Description: A Comprehensive Article

Do you know what is an Advanced Engineer? If not, this article will tell you the career of Advanced Engineer Job Description, duties and requirements.

Advanced Engineer Job Description

Advance Engineer work is associated with the identify project requirements, conceptualizing plans, designing and developing systems, equipment and components, testing of systems and equipment before incorporating them in a final design.

For example advance engineer may be the one who will design system like automated control unit (ACU) for power generating plant or transformers under transfer regulation; work to supervise tooling development including tools which are used during the detailed engineering phase; develop go forward costing statements given technical information by planning department, working closely with cost engineers.

What is Advanced Engineer?

Advanced Engineer is somebody who can work with design engineers, assist them to overcome economic issues related to capital costs, etc. As an advanced engineer you are also responsible for designing computer-aided engineering (CAE) drawing format that will help in reducing the time taken by other sections while drafting drawings.

An excellent understanding of dust forming and deteriorating material along with corrosion concerns pertaining accoding precise references used during maintenance planning departments – all these parts rounded up with ease in creation of moderately exacting drawings are required to be achieved by an advanced engineer.


Project Consultant – Provide project management services to design, build and manage projects.

Designing Engineer- Design production machinery, piping systems or equipment offered in the market through initial feasibility study & preliminary layout. Develop detailed documents for submission to consent authority for final approval prior to implementation of functions taken up by undertaking engineer/designer corresponding with technical specifications set out by client.


Education Level – Candidate should have a post graduate electrical engineering degree from a reputable university

Degree level – Minimum 3 years experience as an engineer in the relevant field

Technical Specialties – Mechanical / Electrical design or equivalent means including computer applications for drafting. Must possess knowledge of tools, manufacturing processes and tolerances details related to drawings required by client. Strong communication skills to work with machines & instruments leading towards production.

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