Top 9 Jobs That will Be Replaced By Robots

See the most latest and the ultimate list of 9 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots in the near future.


Bookkeeping is a field that is in danger of being automated. Most jobs that involve counting, calculating, or sorting numbers are quite likely to be done by robots or computers within 50 years.


Proofreading has become big business. Whether you’re looking for a proofreader, copy editor, or proofreading company, you’ll find it.

The problem is, there are way too many companies out there, each with their own set of standards, style guides, and special capabilities.

So, how do you get the right proofreader or proofreading company? How do you know they are really proofreaders, or are just proofreading companies?

9 Jobs That will Be Replaced By Robots

Taxi and bus drivers

Taxis are already becoming automated, but there are still human beings behind the wheel of traditional cabs. While the number of these drivers may not be enough to replace the entire workforce, enough are needed to replace existing drivers.

The tradeoff for this is that some of the jobs will be lost, some of the jobs will be lost in some parts of the country while others will not lose any jobs. You may lose some friends and be the last person on some nights, but some of the jobs will be saved and some of the jobs will be saved in some areas and not in others.

Nine Jobs That will Be Replaced By Robots

  1. Bookkeeping and data entry
  2. Courier services
  3. Customer service executives
  4. Manufacturing and pharmaceutical work.
  5. Proofreading
  6. Receptionists
  7. Retail services
  8. Soldiers
  9. Taxi and bus drivers.

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