Top 5 Jobs that will Not Exist in The Future

See the most latest and the ultimate list of Top 5 Jobs that will Not Exist in The Future.

Five Jobs that will Not Exist in The Future

There’s a lot of discussion about what jobs will be automated in the future. Scientists at IBM have claimed that about 47 percent of jobs in the US could be automated in the next 20 years, mostly due to advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Other futurists and economists have said that the number of jobs at risk of automation is much higher. But what jobs will be lost and what will replace them? Looking at the types of jobs we know will be automated could help us plan for a future we want to live in.

Assembly line worker jobs

Similar to the assembly line worker jobs,  assembly line worker jobs are jobs that will not exist because of automation.  The same thing that happens to assembly line worker jobs will also happen to  assembly line worker jobs, including drivers, sales agents, sales clerks, accounts managers, and managers.

Cashier jobs

Cashier jobs will be obsolete. We predict it. Not the cashier jobs themselves, mind you, but the cashier jobs of the future. It’s a simple idea: ­as cashier jobs become increasingly automated, more and more stores will simply have a barista on hand to take cash and charge a credit card. Then, a hand-scanner will read the card and the cashier will know what to charge. There will be no need for a cashier at all.

Newspaper delivery jobs

In the future, there will be no newspaper delivery jobs. In fact, there will be no newspaper delivery. There will only be the Internet. Should you be a newspaper delivery person? Probably not. You will still have to go to work, but you will be a blogger. At least, that is what I predict.

Top 5 Jobs that will Not Exist in The Future

What 5 Jobs Will Not Exist In The Future

  • Pharmacist jobs
  • Referee jobs
  • Safety inspector jobs
  • Telemarketer jobs
  • Train driver jobs
  • Travel agent jobs.

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