Top 5 Jobs that Will Exist in The Future

See the most latest and the ultimate list of 5 Jobs That Will Exist in The Future.

Autonomous transportation specialist

As society moves towards electric vehicles (EVs), self-driving cars (SDVs), and other forms of autonomous vehicles (AVs), there are already drivers out there who are looking for jobs that involve research into autonomous vehicles.

This includes both engineers who work on the software that enables automated vehicles to perform various functions, as well as Transportation planners who help design systems that can support autonomous vehicles.

Chief productivity officer

In this age of increasing productivity, high level professionals are expected to lead and drive organizations. In order to be a leader, a person should have the ability to work with data, build strategies, build a network. A person should be able to be a problem solver, a person should have the ability to lead a team, a person should have the ability to build a product. A person should be able to hold a conversation with a person that is completely different from them.

Drone manager

Industrial drone technology is entering an interesting stage as a means of delivering a range of goods and services, from carbon fiber to weapons. Research is being done to test the feasibility of a “drone delivery system”, but what is a drone manager?

A drone manager is a person or organization who coordinates the use of drone technology to complete mission-critical tasks. While the definition of “drone manager” may be quite broad, it is not without its challenges. Drone managers must develop expertise in drone technology, communication, and business management.

What are 5 jobs that will exist in the future

This list has also 4 bonus jobs name.

  • End-of-life coach
  • Excess capacity broker
  • Human-technology integration specialist
  • Medical mentor
  • Chief productivity officer
  • Personal medical interpreter
  • Private industry air traffic control
  • Self-driving car mechanic
  • Wholeness mentor.

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