Top 5 Jobs that Involve Lifelong Learning

See the latest and ultimate list of top 5 Jobs That Involve Lifelong Learning. If you are looking for careers for inquisitive minds then these jobs are only for you!


As a filmmaker, you have an amazing job, one that is very hard to describe, yet makes that elusive feeling of being a creative person. Many people dream of being a filmmaker that is in a position to tell a story through film, be it in a documentary, a fiction, a music video, a commercial, a corporate film, a branded film, an animated film, or an experimental film.

The filmmakers come from a wide range of backgrounds, with different experiences, motives, and ideas. They are all entering the film industry with different experiences, knowledge, and ideas. If everyone was the same, this would be an easy job.

Instructional Designers

The instructional designer role can be performed by anyone, with many educational institutions now having their own dedicated instructional designers. But the role is highly specialized, with a focus on improving learning outcomes for learners, and is often best performed by someone with a deeper understanding of the pedagogy of computer-based learning.


There are few better ways to spend your time than inside a museum, escorted by a knowledgeable guide. Although anthropologists are often stereotyped as mysterious, remote scholars, the truth is, the majority of them are community-oriented folk, who spend their time working in museums, libraries, and galleries. Much of what they do is focused on both gaining insight into the history of the physical artifacts they study, and on telling the stories that these objects tell.

Jobs that Involve Lifelong Learning

  • App/Software Developer
  • Career or Business Coach
  • Filmmaker/Director
  • Instructional Designers
  • Journalist/Reporter
  • Program Director or Coordinator
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Sociologist/Anthropologist
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Writer.

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