Top 30 Super Least Stressful Careers for You!

See the latest and updated list of TOP 30 Least Stressful Careers. If you are looking for less stressful jobs then this list can be a helpful resource for you!

30 least stressful jobs / careers

  1. Actuary.
  2. Aerospace Engineer.
  3. Astronomer.
  4. Biofuels Production Managers.
  5. Biofuels/Biodiesel Technology and Product Development Manager.
  6. Chemical Engineer.
  7. Chief Sustainability Officer.
  8. Computer and Information Research Scientist.
  9. Computer and Information Systems Managers.
  10. Computer Hardware Engineer.
  11. Computer Network Architect.
  12. Economist.
  13. Electronics Engineer.
  14. Environmental Economist.
  15. Marketing Manager.
  16. Mathematician.
  17. Natural Sciences Manager.
  18. Nuclear Engineer.
  19. Nuclear Medicine Physician.
  20. Optometrist.
  21. Orthodontist.
  22. Petroleum Engineer.
  23. Physicist.
  24. Political Scientist.
  25. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers.
  26. Purchasing Manager.
  27. Radiologist.
  28. Software Developers, Applications.
  29. Software Developers, Systems Software.
  30. Wind Energy Project Manager.
Top 30 Low Stress Jobs
less stressful jobs

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you will often find yourself in a leadership role. In a marketing manager position, you must be a leader in providing direction and direction setting to others within your company.

Being a leader includes being a strong communicator, delegating tasks, and inspiring others to reach greater heights.

Natural Sciences Manager

Every company wants a natural sciences manager! Why? Because he/she will be an expert at solving all kinds of problems around the world!

It is the person who has a great understanding of all things natural sciences, so he is always able to invent new things. But what are these natural sciences? It is the science that deals with everything from physics to biology.

Environmental Economist

What if we all had an environmental economist in our home? We would all be able to see and understand just how much we were actually harming our environment.

We would all know which actions would have the most positive effect on the environment, and which ones would have the opposite effect.

It would help us make more environmentally conscious decisions as a family, as a household, as a city, as a world. With one click, we could see how much water we had used, how much energy we had used, how much pollution we had produced, and on and on.

The environmental economist’s job is both to understand how economies work and to help governments and businesses make choices about how to invest resources and what to produce.

This is the biggest-ever survey of environmental economists—and it’s an interactive survey.

Wind Energy Project Manager

A Wind Energy Project Manager (or WEMP) helps ensure Project success by delivering a wide range of services that include: Project development and implementation, Design and construction management, and project control.

With this responsibility, Project Managers (PMs) work with power generation and other wind farm owners to deliver electricity and other benefits.

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