Ultimate List of Top 28 Best Jobs for Math Majors

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See the latest and final list of top 28 Jobs For Math Majors. Math majors can start their careers by doing these jobs.

Top 2 List of Careers For Math Majors

At first, see the first two lists then see the complete 28 lists below.

Data scientist

Data scientists are responsible for wrangling data for progress or analysis. They are responsible for collecting all the data, analyzing it, and making decisions based on the data.

The most crucial part of any data science project is data collection. Data scientists are responsible for collecting the data, then cleaning it, and then finally converting it into a usable form, often through the use of scripting.

Data analyst

There are many different data analyst careers to consider, but they are all similar in having data analysis skills, the ability to learn new skills quickly, and an interest in technology. There are many different types of data analysts.

Some are in the business world, some are in the government, and some are in academia. Some are working in medicine or health care, while others are working in the financial industry. An added bonus is that there are many job options.

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28 Best Jobs for Math Majors

  1. Systems engineer
  2. Statistician
  3. Software tester
  4. Quantitative financial analyst
  5. Purchasing agent
  6. Programmer analyst
  7. Operations research analyst
  8. Meteorologist
  9. Mathematician
  10. Mathematical modeler
  11. Market researcher.
  12. Investment analyst
  13. Inventory control specialist
  14. Insurance underwriter
  15. High school math teacher
  16. Geodesist
  17. Fraud investigator
  18. Financial planner
  19. Energy analyst
  20. Economist
  21. Data scientist
  22. Data analyst
  23. Cryptographer
  24. Cost estimator
  25. Budget analyst
  26. Algorithms engineer
  27. Actuary
  28. Accountant.
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Highest Paying Math Jobs

RankJob Title Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1Job Title: Actuary Mid-Career Pay:$135,000 
Rank:2Job Title: Senior Data Scientist Mid-Career Pay:$127,000 
Rank:3Job Title: Data Scientist Mid-Career Pay:$113,000 
Rank:4Job Title: Data Engineer Mid-Career Pay:$111,000 
Rank:5 Job Title: Quantitative Analyst  Mid-Career Pay:$110,000 
Rank:6Job Title: Senior Actuarial Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$102,000 
Rank:7Job Title: Analytics Consultant Mid-Career Pay:$101,000 
Rank:8Job Title: Software Developer Mid-Career Pay:$97,500 
Rank:9Job Title: Business Intelligence (BI) Developer Mid-Career Pay:$96,900 
Rank:10Job Title: Senior Business Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$92,800 
Rank:11Job Title: Database Developer Mid-Career Pay:$91,000 
Rank:12Job Title: Senior Data Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$88,900 
Rank:13Job Title: Programmer Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$86,000 
Rank:14 Job Title: Statistician  Mid-Career Pay:$85,400 
Rank:15Job Title: Application Developer Mid-Career Pay:$84,400 
Rank:16Job Title: Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$81,100 
Rank:17Job Title: Actuarial Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$77,600 
Rank:18Job Title: Risk Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$76,700 
Rank:19Job Title: Product Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$74,900 
Rank:20Job Title: Business Analyst (Unspecified Type) Mid-Career Pay:$71,500 
Rank:21Job Title: Reporting Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$70,500 
Rank:22Job Title: Data Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$69,700 
Rank:23Job Title: Sales Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$66,900 
Rank:24Job Title: Operations Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$66,800 
Rank:25Job Title: Marketing Analyst Mid-Career Pay:$66,700 

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