Top 20: Part Time Jobs that Pay Well (High Paying Jobs)

See the latest and updated list of Top 20 Part Time Jobs That Pay Well. You can earn lots of money by doing these good paying part time jobs.

Best Paying Part Time Jobs

  1. Warehouse worker
  2. Tutor
  3. Speech pathologist
  4. Security officer
  5. Receptionist
  6. Real estate agent
  7. Phlebotomist
  8. Personal shopper
  9. Personal driver
  10. Occupational therapist.
  11. Nanny
  12. Mail carrier
  13. Freelancer
  14. Delivery driver
  15. Customer service representative
  16. Construction worker
  17. Brand ambassador
  18. Bookkeeper
  19. Bank teller
  20. Administrative Assistant.
20 Part Time Jobs that Pay Well
Best Paying Part Time Jobs

Security officer

A security officer is a security guard that is a peace officer. These officers are typically employed by a company that provides security services, and they may also work as private contractors.

Depending on the type of security company, the security officer may be responsible for providing security for an area, for an entire building, or for an entire company.

Security officer Requirements

Are you interested in becoming a security officer? To be a security officer you will have to have common sense. You will have to be able to think on your feet.

You will have to be able to ask good questions to get to the bottom of things. But most importantly you will have to be able to look at a situation and make a decision.


In short, Bookkeeper is a job that’s difficult to get into, but once you get there, it’s a great place to work. The pay can be low, but the job offers a lot of freedom and the hours are set.

The hardest part is getting a foot in the door, but once you have a foot in the door, you’ll quickly realize that the job is not only enjoyable but very rewarding.

highest paying part time jobs

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