The Top 10 Career Options for Teachers

See the latest and updated list of the top 10 Career Options For Teachers.

Career Options For Teachers

  • Adult literacy teacher
  • Career guidance counselor
  • Corporate trainer
  • Librarian
  • Parenting coach/educator
  • Personal coach
  • Private Tutor
  • School administrator
  • Social worker
  • Writer.


If you are a teacher and looking for alternative careers for you then this list of alternate careers for teachers can help you most.

Number Jobs
1 Administration – Principal, Vice-Principal, Superintendent
2 Admissions Counselor/Recruiter
3 Adult Education
4 After School Program Director
5 Camp Director
6 Career Counseling
7  Corporate Trainer
8  Curriculum Design
9  Curriculum Representative/Sales
10  Education Policy and Research
11  Educational Consultant
12  Freelance Writing, Blogging, Podcasting
13  Homeschool Consultant
14  Instructional Designer
15  Life Coach
16  Museum Education/Tour Guide
17  Preschool Director
18  Recreation Director
19  Residence Life Director
20  School Counseling
21  School/Child Psychologist
22  Standardized Test Developer
23  Student Life Coordinator/Director
24  Textbook Author
25  Tutoring.
10 Career Options for Teachers

Educational Consultant Jobs

To get children interested in learning, an education consultant can help with classroom organization, teaching strategies, and behavioral modifications. This type of professional can find work in both public and private schools, for students at all levels. An education consultant works with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and other school board members.

Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainers help employees to improve their skills and develop their potential through training and education. Corporate trainers work in a variety of settings.

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